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Security / Vulnerability Assessment

Leaders from every type of organization have expressed their frustration on with the lack of a clear managed approach to identifying, prioritizing, budgeting, and managing the urgent security issues confronting them.

Many have turned to in-house efforts that have proven time consuming and costly to implement.CAFM, Inc. has developed a software solution to these problems based on our extensive experience performing infrastructure assessments for over 20 years. After 9/11, we were selected to provide the physical security and infrastructure software system for the U.S. Coast Guard Port Vulnerability assessments. Our security assessment software system is based on research by the top military and security specialists in the country. This system offers the quickest and most cost effective way to prepare for terrorist attacks, as well as other disasters.  The return on investment from an assessment can be significant in preventing and minimizing loss of life, property, and business continuity.  CAFM, Inc. can assist your staff perform self assessments or provide specialists in threat analysis for your team.


  • Easy to learn and use so that assessments can be performed immediately to meet due diligence requirements
  • Risk Analysis Matrix for Critical Infrastructure assessments ranking threat, criticality, consequence, and vulnerability
  • A Mitigation development process which includes cost estimating
  • Smart” lookup databases from FEMA 426, Department of Defense, Army Corps of Engineers, and many other sources
  • Computer Based Training (CBT) for self-assessments, as well as for teams of consultant specialists.
  • Built-in, customizable Reports
  • Compatible with Tablet PC's for field data collection
  • CAD / Picture linking, and Document management
  • Links to other CAFM modules for project and maintenance management.
  • Secure database encryption and user authentication

  • Quick and Accurate Methodology: Self Assessments / Expert Teams
  • Report Templates Built-In: Conforms to Government  Guidelines
  • Computer Based Training: CBT Provides Knowledge Base to Team
  • Affordable

CAFM Security / Assessment Process (c) Copyright 2002-2004 CAFM Inc.