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CAFM Integrated System Standard Reports 


The following reports are some examples of the hundreds of  "Standard Reports" available in CAFM.  Custom Reports are available for an additional fee.  Please call for details.


Assessment - Condition

Condition Survey by Building

Condition Survey by Life Cycle


Condition Survey by Category

Condition Survey by Priority


Maintenance - Asset

Building Name (Alpha)

Equipment List (Alpha)


Building Name (Numeric)

Equipment List (Numeric)


Maintenance - Budget

Maintenance Budget by Account & Period



Maintenance - Labor

All Projects/WO's by Employee

Projects/WO's by Employee

Labor Report

All Open Projects/WO's by Employee

Function Code

Employee List (Alpha & Numeric)

Maintenance - Purchase

Summary Materials & Labor By Bldg

Materials Expended vs. Rec'd by W.O. Nbr.

Open Purchase Orders - (Numeric)

Materials Expended vs. Rec'd by Project Nbr.

Open Purchase Orders - (Alpha)


Maintenance - Stock


Inventory Cost - Expendables

Inventory Expended by Stock Line Category

Inventory Expended by Project Nbr. & Stock Nbr.

Inventory Expendables by Building

Inventory Expended for Building by Class

Inventory Expended by Stock Nbr.

Inventory Expendables by Project/WO Number Inventory Expended for Building by Stock Nbr. Inventory Expended by Stock Nbr. & Class
Stock Inventory Inventory Expended for Building by Project Nbr. Inventory Expended by WO Nbr.
Vehicle List Inventory Expended by Stock Nbr. & Class Inventory Expended by WO Nbr & Stock Nbr.
Vendor List Inventory Expended by  Class
Costs by Building Inventory Expended by Date Range

Maintenance - Work Order


All Building Costs

Open Projects/WO's

Open Projects/WO's by Supervisor

Building Trade WO Processed

All Projects/WO by Supervisor

Supervisor by Project/WO

Projects - Budget

CO Request


Project Summary

Change Orders

Pay Schedule by Period

Schedule of Value

Contractor Pay Applications Pay Schedule by Contractor
Projects -

Bid Tabulation by Project & Bid Nbr's.

Bid Tabulation - All by Project Nbr.


Projects - Documents

Project Drawing Log

Project Letter Log

Project Submittals Summary Log

Events Log

Project Meetings Summary

Project telephone Log

Project Fax/E-mail Log Project RFI Log
Project Field WO Log Project RFI Submittals Log

Projects - Project Data


Detail Data


Project Directory


List of Projects


Map Site