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Assessment Surveys answer the question "How do you know where you're going, if you don't
know where you are?" Assessments set the baseline for predictive budgeting and staffing
needs over the life of the asset. The CAFM systems approach links the Assessments Module
with the Project Management and Maintenance Modules to provide a seamless management
tool. Assessments are part of the strategic asset management program that can extend the
useful life of your infrastructure investment.

The assessment process can be applied to a wide range of needs and implementation
strategies, such as; on-going inspections by maintenance staff, annual condition
validation surveys, and professional consultant surveys.


Key Features/Benefits


      Fast - Data gathered electronically and posted to clients database without intermediate steps!

      Accurate - Digital pictures and CAD associated with deficiencies or issues!

      Live - Dynamic Data, not just another binder full of static pages!

      Smart Database - Codes and Cost estimates using built-in lookup menus!

Key Functions

      Infrastructure Analysis - Condition Surveys

                 Site, Exterior Walls, Roofing, Structural Systems, Mechanical/Electrical Systems, Parking Structures, Utilities

      Code Compliance

                ADA, NFPA, SREF, SBCCI, OSHA, JCAHO

      CAD Redlining & Annotation

               GIS Linking to database, On Site Space Verification, Area and Distance Takeoffs