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Purchasing Issues

1.  How much does it cost?

Answer:  Click here for Pricing Sheet


2.  How is payment made and when?



CAFM 32 Software Suite:

Pre-paid by credit/debit card, check or wire transfer.  Software Licenses are sold as a simple annual fee for all Modules. The price is the same for CAFM provided Internet "Cloud" database hosting or Hosting on your server. Hosting on your server requires a license for the server.


3.  Is there a long-term commitment beyond the annual renewal?


Answer:  No. Computers licenses can also be added at any time as needed. Computer licenses added during a year of purchase will be pro-rated to the annual renewal anniversary of the original purchase date.


4.  Are there any other fees?



CAFM 32 Software Suite:

There are no other Software fees.  Annual License Renewal fee will be due, and payable by the anniversary date of the original purchase.  This fee covers unlimited training, software updates, revisions, and unlimited technical phone support. 


Additional Services: Unique to each client:

Custom Reports

Custom Software

Database Conversion * : Electronic transfer of your existing data for faster startups.

Custom Training: Assessments: Facility Condition Surveys, Security / Threat Vulnerability, Asset Inventory.

Consulting: Standard operating procedures (SOP's), process modeling.


 * It is quicker and more cost effective for us to do the database conversion vs. manual entry of the data for lookup tables, such as, buildings, employees, accounts, vendors, equipment, etc. 


Software Downloads and Updates


1.  How is the software deployed and installed?



A customer download site is created for each new client that provides for quick and easy installation directly from the Internet. Installation takes about 5 minutes and is self guided.


2.  How are software updates handled?


Again, these are directly available from the customer download site and self install. Updates take about a minute and install automatically.


3.  How often is the software updated?


Usually this averages every quarter, but are as required. Customers receive a direct e-mail link to the download site.


Software Licenses

1.  Do I need a license for each Computer?

Answer:  Yes. A user may access the database server from any CAFM Registered computer. For strict security protocols each computer requires the CAFM software be installed and registered. There is no limit to the number of Users that can access a CAFM registered computer.


1.  How secure is my data particularly over the Internet?


a.) All data is highly encrypted before being sent or received. This includes all platforms.

b.) Data is transmitted in our own proprietary tunneling protocol.

c.) The CAFM software is locked on to each licensed computer so attempts to copy it to another computer won't work.

d.) This is not a "Web browser" configuration which is inherently vulnerable to attack.

Getting Started

1.  What steps do I have to take to get started?



a.) Upon receipt of payment, an email will be sent with the link to the software Download web site.


b.)  Assign a Systems Administrator to be your point person for technical support.  This person should also set-up User passwords and permissions for CAFM32 Software operation.  A database administrator is not required as the CAFM system runs pretty much maintenance free.


c.)  For the Self-hosted  or Internet Database Platform:  Run the CAFM "Connection Test" software on your PC, which is provided on the web site.  This will test your Network/Internet connection to see if it will support data traffic with CAFM's Servers or your network Server.  Some Firewalls and Proxy Servers may not allow data exchange without configuration changes which your MIS/IT support personnel must make.  If the "Connection Test" functions properly, you should not have a problem communicating with your network or CAFM Servers using CAFM32 Software.  CAFM will help you with any issues.


d.)  Download the software from our registered user web site. This download will self-install the CAFM32 Software.  This takes about 5 minutes per computer.  This software must be installed on each User's PC.  For Client-Server network versions, the database server needs to be installed separately along with the database tables. This is also a self- install program. When each computer with the CAFM software is run the first time a license registration form will display. Call or email CAFM for the authorization codes. These will be unique for each computer.


e.)  Fill in the respective "Look-up Tables" such as: buildings, employees, accounts, vendors, equipment, etc.  CAFM can provide "Database Conversion" services for large existing electronic databases.  Call for a quote.  This process can take from several days to several weeks depending on the quality of the existing files and the format.


f.)  CAFM provides live training via the Internet and phone as part of our basic fee. These sessions need to be scheduled in advance and can with an individual or group as required. Each User can also run the Computer Based training (CBT) which is built-in to the CAFM32 Software.


g.)  At this point, each User may run the CAFM32 Software.



2.  How much space does the CAFM32 Software require on User's PC's hard drive?


Answer:  Although CAFM32 is a full-featured Enterprise software with CAD/Picture viewing features etc., it requires less than 50 MB including all Tutorial and Support files.  This is due to programming the source code in native programming languages.


4.  What are the advantages of the Internet platform ("Cloud") having CAFM host the database on their dedicated servers.



a.) CAFM servers have the latest state of the art hardware configurations including hardware firewalls.

b; Our Internet connection is a very fast 1000 Mb/sec.

c.) Hardware support is 24/7/365.

d.) IT or consultant support is not required. This is included in our base fee.

e.) There are no additional fees for CAFM hosting the database vs. self-hosting on your network.


5.  Do I need to upgrade my PC if I choose to self-host the database?


Answer:  Generally, NO!  Any PC running Microsoft Windows will work just fine. 

This includes MS Server versions as well as Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8.1, and 10. There are no minimum requirements but, obviously faster is better.  If you choose to host the database on your network the computer where the database is located can be pretty much any Windows computer. A full featured "Server" computer is not required but faster is definitely better.  We recommend for Client-Server network versions, where possible, and given the low cost of today’s hardware, that a dedicated Server be installed just for the CAFM program and database.  This provides optimum performance and expansion. A medium size client with 20 or more users may accumulate a database of 1 Gb on the database server in about 5 years.  Pictures and CAD files can add substantially to this number, requiring several Gigabytes or more if, stored on the database host server.


6.  What type of Internet connection is needed?



Internet version only:

Today's broadband speeds are getting much faster and less expensive. An absolute minimum would be dial-up modem connection, with a true connection speed of 48KBps or higher.  However, a cable connection with 30 Mb/sec is a recommended minimum. Most clients already have at least this speed provided by their MIS/IT Department so, it should not be an issue. AOL and other entertainment/service type providers are not recommended.


7.  Are there other issues related to running CAFM32 Software using the Internet Platform or over my organization's Network?


Answer:  Network configurations vary considerably. Your Firewall may need to be set to allow for a specific port.  (See question Getting Started 1.a).  CAFM will work with your MIS/IT personnel to resolve any issues.


1.  What is the most efficient way to train staff?


Answer:  CAFM offers live Internet training as part of our basic service. This is on a scheduled basis. The CAFM32 Computer Based training (CBT) can be run locally at the User's pace.  As the program is easy to learn, this process usually is all that is needed.   Custom training on-line is also available.  Please call for details.


More Questions?

Please feel free to contact us at sales@cafm.com or call Toll Free 407-658-6531 (US) between the hours of 7:00 am to 7:00 pm EST (US).